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About Me

Hello, I am Thamires Harvey, a self-taught artist, wife, and stepmother of two boys. I was born in Brazil but have lived in Washington State since 2018.

Despite having a degree in Food Engineering and a Masters in Food Science, I still felt lost about my professional future. It was in March 2021 that mandalas entered my life as a form of meditation and relaxation. As my love for this art form grew stronger, I knew this was the path I must follow.

I began learning about mandalas and sacred geometry and studying courses to provide my clients with the best experience and quality of work.

I love what I do; art has transformed my life in ways I never imagined. I hope that you, too, can experience this through my work.

flower illustration
Thamires Harvey

Commercial Murals

Edifecs mural, with artist Thamires Harvey
Edifecs mural
close-up of Edifecs mural

Mural for Edifecs in Bellevue, WA

Taj Mahal mural, at Saffron Grill, Seattle, WA
Saffron flower mural, at Saffron Grill, Seattle, WA
Saffron flower mural, at Saffron Grill, Seattle, WA

Mural for Saffron Grill in Seattle, WA

Saffron grill bathroom mural
Saffron grill bathroom mural left
Saffron grill bathroom mural right

Mural for Women’s Bathroom at Saffron Grill in Seattle, WA

Residential Murals

Olivia's Garden, child's bedroom mural
Olivia's Garden mural, bird & flower closeup
Olivia's Garden mural, Thamires & Olivia

Olivia’s Garden in Lake Stevens, WA

Karen's Goldfinches mural, tree closeup
Karen's Goldfinches mural, bird & leaves closeup
Karen's Goldfinches mural, bird closeup

Karen’s Goldfinches in Seattle, WA

Ockleberry's Sunflowers, fence mural, Shoreline, WA
Ockleberry's Sunflowers mural closeup, Shoreline, WA

The Ockleberry’s Sunflowers in Shoreline, WA

Harvey's Bedroom mural, Sammamish, WA
Harvey's Bedroom mural flower closeup, Sammamish, WA
Harvey's Bedroom mural flower detail, Sammamish, WA

The Harvey’s Bedroom in Sammamish, WA

Prosperity Mandala closeup
Prosperity Mandala
Thamires painting Prosperity Mandala

Prosperity Mandala for My Studio in Sammamish, WA

How it Works


Let's Talk

I’d love to know more about you, your ideas, and your concept before designing a piece. Tell me what you have in mind, the color palette, and if your artwork is to have any special meaning (i.e. prosperity, freedom, love, happiness). We can schedule a phone or video call, or you can email me all the details.


Project Proposal & Contract Agreement

Based on our discussion, I’ll send you a proposal outlining the project description, timing, and cost. If you accept, a signed contract and a 50% (non-refundable) materials deposit will be requested to start the design process. This allows for ordering supplies and equipment and confirms your scheduling dates. The balance is due when it’s finished.


Design Process

Once the contract is signed and the materials deposit has been paid, I will provide you with up to two rough sketches, with two rounds of revisions, before a detailed sketch is submitted. Any sketch changes beyond that incurs an additional sketch fee of $50 each.

Time to paint

On average, it takes about two–five days to create a mural (it all depends on the size and complexity of the design). All of my artwork is unique and personalized based on your ideas and desires, and I’m committed to bringing you the best experience!


Pricing for murals is based on square footage, complexity of the design, accessibility of the wall, and surface texture.

To give you the closest estimate possible please fill out the form bellow, and if possible, send me pictures of the surface that is going to be painted and any references you may have.

Pricing includes all materials as well as digital renderings for you to select from! Payments are split into 50% up front at contract signing and 50% when complete.

    Thamires in front of Edifecs mural